Meredith Holladay holds commercial pilot and flight instructor certificates with an instrument rating (CFII). She is also rated for commercial multi-engine land and single-engine sea, and has logged more than 4,000 flight hours. Like Dana, Meredith is passionate about general aviation and enjoys flying the Sport Cub for fun. Meredith is the primary instructor for customers seeking an instrument rating or an IPC, and has hundreds of hours of experience in glass cockpit aircraft including the Cessna 182, Cessna TTX, and Cirrus SR20/22.

Dana Holladay holds commercial pilot and flight instructor certificates with an instrument rating (CFII). He is also rated for commercial multi-engine land and single-engine sea. He has logged more than 10,000 flight hours, including more than 1,000 hours in tailwheel airplanes. Dana is the primary instructor for our CubCrafters Sport Cub.

Dana and Meredith met and married in 2010. In 2012, they purchased and flew a 1938 Piper J-3 Cub all around the country, landing in all 48 contiguous states. Their daughter, Alexandra, was born in March 2013.

Andrew Springhetti is a flight instructor (CFII) who completed his private pilot training with Holladay Aviation in 2015. He has experience flying a wide variety of single engine airplanes including the Cessna 150, 152, 172, and 182, as well as some Piper and Beechcraft models. When he’s not at the airport, Andrew is working toward completing his bachelor’s degree in business and mathematics, and enjoys playing the piano. He dreams of one day becoming an astronaut and traveling into space.

Jared Lockhart is a flight instructor (CFI) and former student of Holladay Aviation. Previously, he worked as a flight instructor at Auburn University where he earned his bachelor’s degree in professional flight management. His goal is to eventually fly for an airline, but for now he enjoys teaching and flying small airplanes just like we do! When he’s not flying, Jared enjoys playing guitar and a variety of sports including golf and tennis. He is available for instruction several days a week.


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