Commercial Pilot

A Commercial Pilot certificate allows you to get paid to fly. It is the prerequisite to becoming a flight instructor, a charter pilot, or an airline pilot. FAA requirements under Part 61 to earn a Commercial Pilot certificate include:

  • Private Pilot with at least 250 hours of total flight time
  • 100 hours in powered aircraft
  • 100 hours of pilot in command (PIC) flight time
  • 50 hours of cross-country flight time
  • 10 hours of instrument flight training
  • 10 hours of flight training in a complex airplane

We have a Piper Arrow available for completing the 10 hours of flight training in a complex airplane. If you’re a Private Pilot with less than 250 hours of total flight time, you can build flight hours in our Cessna 150, 152 or 172.

Accommodations are available through Top Flight Housing for students who wish to relocate to Jacksonville for an accelerated training program. Contact us today to get started!

Our Office

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Directions: From Atlantic Blvd, turn north onto St. Johns Bluff Road. See the airport at the intersection. Turn right into the airport at the green sign that says JAXEX. Once inside the airport, make your first left turn at Charles Lindbergh Drive and continue to the end where you'll see the Craig Air Center straight ahead. Our office is on the left.

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