Discovery Flight

11694937_10102243682005824_2004499784399781440_nIf you’re serious about wanting to earn a Private Pilot certificate but have never flown a small airplane before, then a discovery flight is the first step. A discovery flight is not an aerial sightseeing tour where you are a passive passenger. When you fly with us, you’ll receive a real flight lesson during which you get to experience the freedom and satisfaction of controlling an airplane from takeoff to touchdown. The airplane has dual flight controls so your instructor can help you or take over at any time.

The experience includes a detailed pre-flight safety briefing as well as a post-flight debriefing and discussion of our training program. During the experience you will learn some of the basic principles of flight including:

  • How the flight controls are used to maneuver the airplane
  • How the wings generate the lift required to keep the airplane aloft
  • The redundant safety features that are incorporated into the design of the airplane

Packages and Rates

The experience takes approximately two hours to complete and includes up to one hour of actual flight time, which can be credited toward the FAA’s Private Pilot training requirements.

New rates effective March 1, 2017: 

Cessna 150, 152, or Sport Cub (participant and instructor): $199

Cessna 172 (participant, instructor, and up to 2 passengers): $229

$20 DISCOUNT for active duty military and law enforcement officers.
Thank you for your service!

Pre-paid discovery flight gift certificates are valid for 6 calendar months from the date of purchase. 


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Directions: From Atlantic Blvd, turn north onto St. Johns Bluff Road. See the airport at the intersection. Turn right into the airport at the green sign that says JAXEX. Once inside the airport, make your first left turn at Charles Lindbergh Drive and continue to the end where you'll see the Craig Air Center straight ahead. Our office is on the left.

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