Instrument Rating

To be eligible for an Instrument Rating you must possess a Private Pilot certificate and have logged at least:

  • 50 hours of cross country flight time as pilot in command (of which 10 hours must have been in an airplane)
  • 40 hours of simulated or actual instrument flight time (of which 15 hours must have been logged with an authorized instructor, or CFII)

The amount of time (and money) it will take you to earn the rating depends in part on how much experience you bring to the table. Our first meeting will include a thorough audit of your pilot logbook to assess the number of additional hours of training and flight time you will need to meet the requirements.

IMG_6276We use an Elite PI-135 BATD (basic aviation training device, a.k.a. “flight simulator”) for the first 10 hours of training, since the FAA allows us to log a maximum of 10 hours of instrument training using this device. Industry experience has proven such devices to be extremely effective tools for learning the essential skills needed to fly IFR. Plus, using our BATD can save you up to $1,000 on your instrument rating compared to doing all of the training in an airplane.

Students should purchase or download the following books and materials. Everything listed below is available at the Aircraft General Supply pilot shop on Saint John’s Bluff Road near Craig Airport, or online from any number of sources including If you’re a returning student and already have some flight training materials, please talk to us before you buy anything else.

You should also download the following prior to your first lesson:


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