Airplanes & Rates

At Holladay Aviation, you’ll receive the highest quality instruction in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Because each student has a unique learning style and works at a different pace, we cannot offer any fixed-price packages. However, what we do offer is our commitment to helping our customers achieve their goals safely and efficiently.

Private – Instrument – Commercial

Ground Instruction: $60/hr
Flight Instruction In Our Aircraft: $60/hr
Flight Instruction In Your Aircraft: $75/hr 

* Add 7% sales tax to solo aircraft rental. Does not apply to dual instruction flights or demos.

Coming Soon: IFR certified Cessna 152 with fresh paint job and low time, 125-hp engine!


Cessna 150: $105/hr

VFR only with Garmin radio and color moving-map GPS. Great basic trainer and time building airplane. New seats and interior!


Cessna 152: $115/hr

Great VFR cross-country airplane and training platform with Garmin radio and color moving-map GPS. New paint job and carpeting! ADS-B Traffic!


Cessna 172: $135/hr

IFR certified with a Garmin 430W GPS navigation system and ADS-B traffic. 180-hp and increased gross weight capability. New interior!

Piper Arrow: $150/hr

NEW! Earn your complex endorsement and commercial pilot certificate in this 180-hp, retractable gear airplane. Cruises at 120+ knots. IFR capable with VOR/ILS.

DanaSportCubSport Cub: $185/hr *

This beautiful airplane is a modern day replica of the great American classic, the Piper J-3 Cub. Built by CubCrafters, it features a two-way radio and cockpit intercom system with a Bose headset, GPS navigation system, and night lighting package. See our Tailwheel Training page for more information. * No solo rental.



Our Office

855-14 St. John’s Bluff Road
Suite 3G
Jacksonville, Florida 32225
Directions: From Atlantic Blvd, turn north onto Saint Johns Bluff Road. You will see the airport at the intersection. Turn right into the airport at Craig Drive. Turn left at Charles Lindbergh Drive and continue to the end where you'll see the Craig Air Center straight ahead. Our office is on the left.
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