Student Resources

NEW: FREE flight training videos for student pilots, produced by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Topics include airspace, aircraft systems, and stalls.

Lockheed Martin Flight Services — Official FAA standard weather briefings (weather plus NOTAMs). If you don’t know how to use this website, here’s a free webinar tutorial.

Flight Planning and Navigation Log Form

FAA Safety Team (aka FAASTeam) — lots of free (and some fee-based) online courses on a variety of topics.

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) — lots of free online courses on a variety of topics.

NOAA’s Aviation Weather Center (ADDS) — weather information for pilots

FAA PilotWeb — search NOTAMS, TFRs

ForeFlight — The aviation industry standard, all inclusive app for iPhone and iPad

Sporty’s Free Study Buddy — practice FAA knowledge exams

“The 5 Ps Checklist” — a great little resource for pre- and in-flight safety

NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) — CALLBACK is a monthly safety newsletter, which includes de-identified ASRS report excerpts with supporting commentary in a popular “lessons learned” format.

Locate FAA Medical Examiners — search by city/state/zip.

FAA MedXPress — You will need to complete this form to apply for your FAA Third Class Medical and Student Pilot Certificate.

AOPA “Pinch Hitter” Online Course — A great little overview of how planes fly and what pilots do. Designed for spouses and friends of pilots but appropriate for new students as well.

VOR Navigation Explained — A great little 12-minute YouTube video that boils this often confusing topic down to its essence.


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