Download the Holladay Aviation CFI Syllabus

This course should be considered the “master’s degree” for a professional pilot, however, unfortunately, it is rarely treated as such in the aviation industry today. At Holladay Aviation we believe that a flight instructor should possess the knowledge and skill necessary to mold a person into a confident, safe Pilot In Command. It is impossible to estimate how many hours of ground and flight instruction will be required to complete this course, as it depends entirely on the CFI applicant’s baseline knowledge and skill as a pilot, which will be evaluated in Phase 1-3.   

Phase 1: Knowledge Assessment

Phase 2: Lesson Planning and Preparation

Phase 3: Flight Assessment

Phase 4: Practical Test Preparation

By the end of this course, the applicant should be able to discuss, with authoritative technical detail, all material in the following FAA published resources: