Rental Checkout and Currency

To act as pilot in command (PIC) of one of our Cessna aircraft, a thorough checkout with a staff instructor is required. Renters must demonstrate satisfactory knowledge and skill for the FAA airman certificate they possess:

  • Student pilots must satisfy all requirements and comply with all limitations as outlined in FAR Part 61, Subpart C
  • Private, Commercial and ATP rated pilots must satisfy the requirements of FAR 61.56 (flight review) and 61.57 (recent flight experience).
  • Instrument rated pilots must complete an Instrument Proficiency Check with a staff instructor.

Even if you have been flying for decades and have thousands of hours of flight time logged, the rental checkout will generally require at least two lessons with a staff instructor. All rental checkouts must include satisfactory demonstration of crosswind takeoffs and landings, emergency procedures, and proper checklist usage.

All renter pilots must fly our aircraft at least once every 90 days and complete an annual proficiency check with an instructor to maintain rental privileges.

We do not authorize one-time or short-term rentals.

Rental Agreement

All renter pilots must review and sign the Holladay Aviation Rental Agreement.

Renters Insurance

We do not require renter’s insurance. If you choose to purchase a policy, please contact us so that we can help you select an appropriate level of hull coverage for the aircraft you will be flying. For more information or to obtain a policy quote, contact the carrier directly. Not all insurance companies write aviation insurance policies. Here are a few that we know of: AvemcoUSAA, AP Aerospace.

Taxes and Fees

State and local sales tax (7 percent) is added to all solo aircraft rentals. This does not apply to dual instruction flights or discovery flights.

There is a monthly maintenance fee of $50 for all active students and renters. (Active duty military are exempt; thank you for your service.)

Daily Minimums

No daily minimums, but overnight and multi-day rentals require management approval. All reservations are subject to modification or cancellation by Holladay Aviation.


All renters must return the aircraft with full fuel tanks unless specifically authorized by a Holladay Aviation staff member. Renters will be reimbursed for fuel purchases at the current Craig Air Center self-serve rate. Proper refueling procedures are included in the initial rental checkout and will be reviewed during annual proficiency checks.


When returning our aircraft to our facility, please use care and be respectful of other tenants who share our ramp space. The area highlighted in red in the image below is directly in front of our hangars, and is the only area where our aircraft should be parked. If this area appears full as you taxi back toward our hangars, shut down wherever you feel it’s safe and then use a tow bar to move the aircraft into the designated parking area. Only staff members are authorized to move aircraft into the hangar. If you are unable to move your aircraft into the designated parking area, contact a staff member. If no one is available on site, contact Dana Holladay.