Estimated Training Costs

How much does it cost to become a pilot? The answer depends upon several factors including the type of airplane you fly, the privileges you seek and the pace at which you build the knowledge and skills that are necessary to pass the FAA Practical Test (final exam). The analogy we often use is that learning to fly is like learning to play a musical instrument. If you practice for only one hour a month, you are unlikely to become a very good musician. Similarly, regular practice and home study are the keys to success in flight training.

We pride ourselves on our efficiency and our commitment to providing you with a safe and fun learning environment. Please see our Training Programs page for cost estimates. Keep in mind that these are based on FAA minimum requirements, and your actual costs may be higher.

Ground instruction includes pre- and post-flight briefings, required pre-solo knowledge test review, and practical test review. You can expect to be billed for a minimum of 2 hours of instruction per flight lesson, plus aircraft rental. Estimates do not include third party fees for FAA knowledge tests, practical tests or medical exams. 

Scholarships and Financing

Students of all ages are encouraged to apply for one or more of the many flight training scholarships that are available each year through various organizations, including the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA).

Financing your flight training may be possible. For more information see:

Here’s a link with information about other scholarships that might be available.

Cash Prepayment Bonus

Customers who prepay a minimum of $1,000 via cash or check will receive a 5 percent bonus credit on their training account. For example, if you prepay $5,000 in cash we will post an additional $250 credit to your account. Cash prepayments are fully refundable, less the initial 5 percent credit.

Military Discount

All active duty and retired military personnel are exempt from our standard $50 monthly maintenance fee.