Click here to download documents for the Holladay Aviation fleet including:

  • Checklists
  • Operating handbooks
  • Weight and balance data

PSI Knowledge Tests — Schedule your FAA knowledge test

FAA Medical Certification — Listing of local area AME’s

Basic Med

FAR/AIM Study Guide

G5 Avionics Diagram (NEW)

Dan Gryder’s AQP (Advanced Qualification Program) (NEW)

Sporty’s Online Courses — For all training programs

FAA Personal Minimums Checklist (PAVE)

AC 61-98D: Currency Requirements and Guidance for the Flight Review and Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC)

FAR 61.57 — Recent instrument experience and allowable use of ATDs; see 61.57(c)(2)

FAA Guidance on Logging Instrument Approaches

FAA Guidance on Flight Into Known Icing Conditions

FAA Guidance on Sharing Aircraft Operating Expenses per FAR 61.113

Free Online VOR Simulator

DHS Flight Training Security Program (for foreign students)

Training Tips


ForeFlight is the industry standard app for general aviation flight planning. The company maintains an extensive training video library on their website covering dozens of topics of interest to both new and advanced users.

There are three different plans: Basic, Pro Plus and Performance Plus. We recommend Pro Plus.

If you do not currently own an iPad or iPhone and want to start using ForeFlight, click here to read ForeFlight’s recommendations for purchasing a device. Also, click here for a good article on whether or not to purchase an iPad with cellular service.

There are a few good videos about ForeFlight on YouTube including:

Check out ForeFlight’s online Support Center.


Note: The Garmin G5 flight instruments do not replace the legacy altimeter or turn coordinator. Please see the Garmin user manual (link above) and STC (in the airplane) for details.


The internet can be a fantastic learning resource for pilots of all experience levels. We’ve hand picked a few videos for you below. Please subscribe to the Holladay Aviation YouTube channel to be notified whenever we upload a new video! We also have a new channel on Rumble. You may also want to check out the following channels:

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