A happy student who just passed his private pilot practical test.

Whether you’re training toward a new certificate or rating, or preparing for a flight review or IPC, you don’t want to miss this! Our Practical Test Prep seminars are delivered by an experienced senior instructor in a fun, group setting. Each seminar provides a detailed review of the appropriate FAA Airman Certification Standards, and offers real-world tips that will help you pass your practical test with confidence.

Topics covered in each seminar include:

  • Purpose of the practical test — to evaluate your ability to act as pilot in command under the regulations for the certificate or rating you are seeking
  • Role of the student (applicant) — pilot in command
  • Role of the examiner — evaluator
  • What to expect the day of the test
  • How to prepare yourself for success

Please note that the seminars do not cover all of the knowledge subject areas on the ACS; it would be impossible to do this in a three hour session.

The fee is just $50 per person, per seminar — less than the cost one hour of individual ground instruction. We recommend attending this seminar before scheduling a final check ride preparation lesson with your instructor.