Whether you want to fly for fun, or if you have aspirations to fly for a major airline, the first step is to earn your Private Pilot certificate. The next logical step is to continue building flight time and experience while earning your Instrument Rating. If you want to get paid to fly, you’ll need additional flight time and experience to qualify for a Commercial Pilot certificate.

Once you earn a pilot certificate and/or advanced rating, you will need to complete some recurrent training to maintain your flying privileges. For all pilots, this includes a Flight Review. For Instrument rated pilots, this may include an Instrument Proficiency Check. If you wish to fly a tailwheel aircraft, you will need to earn a Tailwheel Endorsement. We offer this training in our CubCrafters Sport Cub.

Estimates include flight and ground instruction costs only, and are based on FAA minimum training requirements. Estimates do not include 7.5% Florida sales tax on solo aircraft rentals, third-party FAA exam fees, or training materials. 

Save $5,000 or more during the course of your Commercial Pilot training program by flying some of all of your flight hours in the less expensive Cessna 150/152, or sharing flight time with other rated pilots!

Private Pilot Instrument Rating Commercial Pilot / CFI / CFII
Flight Time to Complete 40 hours +45 hours +165 hours (250 total)
Aircraft Rental (C172) $6,000 $6,750 $24,750
Elite BATD (Flight Simulator) n/a $450 n/a
Instructor Fees $6,000 (80 hrs) $3,750 (50 hrs) $2,250 (30 hrs)
Subtotal $12,000 $10,950 $27,000
Cumulative Total $12,000 $22,950 $49,950