Per the Holladay Aviation Aircraft Rental Agreement:

Renter will exercise extreme caution when moving on or about our hangar and ramp area.

Renter may NOT start the engine of an aircraft when it is inside a hangar, or if the aircraft is within 50 feet (approximately twice the length of a Cessna 172) of any hangar, vehicle, object or person.

Renter must ensure that the wind created by the rotating propeller (known as “prop wash”) does not blow into an open hangar or vehicle. If Renter’s prop wash causes damage to any hangar, vehicle, object or person, Renter will be responsible for the damage.

When returning to the Holladay Aviation ramp after a flight, Renter will shut down the aircraft engine in a safe area, no closer than 50 feet (approximately twice the length of a Cessna 172) from any hangar, vehicle, object or person. Renter must ensure that the aircraft is not blocking ingress to or egress from any hangar not occupied by Holladay Aviation or Eagle Aircraft Maintenance. Renter must use a tow bar, if necessary, to reposition the aircraft after shut-down to a safe location in front of the Holladay Aviation or Eagle Aircraft Maintenance hangars.

Note: It is not necessary to maintain the 50-foot separation when the engine is shut down and the aircraft is parked on the ramp, only during engine start and shut-down. Due to limited ramp space it may be necessary for aircraft to be positioned in close proximity to one another while they are not in use.

Engine Start and Ramp Exit

Do not start the engine of your aircraft with your prop wash blowing toward an open hangar. See photo below showing green boxes (aircraft) and green arrow indicating movement away from the hangars. These are the ONLY acceptable positions for engine start. The aircraft must be parallel to the Holladay Aviation hangars, with the prop wash blowing toward the fence (bottom right corner of photo), not toward the Eagle Aircraft Maintenance hangar. If your aircraft is in any location other than as shown, DO NOT start the engine. If you need to wait for another aircraft to move before you can start and taxi out, you must wait. It is critical that your throttle is at IDLE during and after engine start. Use the minimal power required to slowly taxi out of the ramp area.

Return to Ramp and Engine Shut Down

Upon returning to our ramp, you may pull straight ahead into one of the five green spots depicted. If there is another aircraft in your way, pull behind that aircraft and shut down. DO NOT under ANY circumstance turn your aircraft 180 degrees (red arrows) as this can blow prop wash into a hangar, even from a distance. DO NOT under ANY circumstance maneuver your aircraft in front of the Sky Life Elite hangars (adjacent to the dumpster, left corner of the photo). After the aircraft engine has been secured, exit your aircraft and use a tow bar to reposition your aircraft to an open space in front of the Holladay Aviation hangars. If no suitable space is available, request assistance from Holladay Aviation staff member.