We do not authorize one-time or short-term aircraft rentals. If you want to get checked out to rent an airplane for a local sightseeing flight, please consider purchasing a Discovery Flight instead. If you are looking to build flight time in a hurry, we are probably not the school for you.

Renter Requirements (for all rated pilots):

  • Complete initial rental checkout using our Rental Checkout and Flight Review Syllabus (updated 03/13/23)
  • Annual Flight Review with a staff instructor using our Rental Checkout and Flight Review Syllabus
  • Renters must fly Holladay Aviation aircraft every 90 days to maintain rental privileges. If renter has not flown within the previous 90 days, he/she must fly with a staff instructor to restore rental privileges.
  • Instrument rated pilots who wish to rent under IFR must complete an IPC as part of the initial rental checkout, and must maintain FAA currency under FAR Part 61
  • Checkout required for each make and model flown, but a full rental checkout does not need to be completed for each make and model once the initial rental checkout is completed. Example: Renter completes flight review in Cessna 172, but has no previous time in Cessna 150. Checkout in Cessna 150 may be accomplished via takeoffs and landings in the pattern at CRG.
  • Aircraft checkouts do not expire, only annual Flight Reviews

Customers who own their own aircraft and would like to complete a flight review in their own aircraft must provide proof of insurance and agree to follow our AQP for General Aviation guidance for the flight review. Customers who own their own aircraft but would like to complete a flight review in our aircraft must complete our Rental Checkout and Flight Review Syllabus, even if they have no intention of renting our aircraft.

In our opinion, it is not possible to adequately complete a proper flight review in the FAA minimum time of one hour of ground and one hour of flight time.

There are no daily flight minimums for rentals, but overnight and multi-day rentals require management approval. All reservations are subject to modification or cancellation by Holladay Aviation.

For more information, please see our Policies page. All pilots must have a signed Rental Agreement on file with Holladay Aviation.

To learn more about our approach to aviation safety, read AQP for General Aviation.