Train until you can’t get it wrong, not until you get it right.

— Retired police officer and martial arts instructor

Advanced Qualification Program (all pilots)

AQP, or Advanced Qualification Program, is a scenario based training protocol used by the airlines. The primary goal of AQP is to prevent pilot error, which is the leading cause of all aviation accidents. At Holladay Aviation, we use the AQP framework to design and deliver comprehensive training programs that highlight areas where industry data shows general aviation pilots tend to struggle the most, including:

  • Maneuvering in the traffic pattern
  • Crosswind takeoffs and landings
  • Go-arounds (including an IFR missed approach)
  • Maintaining aircraft control during an inadvertent IMC encounter
  • Emergency procedures (including loss of thrust on takeoff)

Private Pilot

Instrument Rating

Commercial Pilot

Rental Checkout and Flight Review

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