As we’ve outlined in a detailed report on our website, there is now an irrefutable body of evidence proving that the so-called COVID-19 “vaccines” were not vaccines at all in the traditional medical sense. Furthermore, we now know that tens of thousands of people across the United States, and millions worldwide, have suffered and continue to suffer from injuries that are directly attributable to these injections. To put it bluntly, these injections were, and are, bioweapons intended to cause harm.

If you are a pilot or thinking about learning to fly, and you have received one or more COVID-19 “vaccines,” we at Holladay Aviation urge you to take extra precautions when flying solo or with passengers. We are aware, through various aviation industry groups, of many vaccinated pilots and crew members who have experienced sudden onset cardiovascular and neurological complications, including stroke, heart attack, and partial paralysis. Some of these people are no longer able to fly. Others have died.

The silver lining to this dark cloud is that many doctors, nurses, chemists and others in the healthcare field have realized what is happening and have figured out ways to treat and even cure people who have been injured by the COVID-19 injections. Because of the ongoing censorship at Google, Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms, you will have a difficult time finding this information. Therefore we are providing some critical resources here, for your review.

You’re the pilot in command of your airplane AND of your own life. The pilot in command is responsible for gathering “all available information” concerning a flight and is responsible for the safe outcome of the flight. We are not doctors and are not giving medical advice. We are pilots and are simply urging other pilots to exercise their PIC responsibility. Here are some resources we think may be of interest. This page is a work in progress.

Testing and Treatment

Heart Care Corp. offers a unique, non-invasive screening tool that can detect myocarditis (heart inflammation), one of the most common injuries associated with the COVID-19 injections. According to Heart Care Corp.’s website, “The Multifunction Cardiogram™ (MCG) is a revolutionary new kind of diagnostic tool for measuring the health of a patient’s heart and the impact of ischemia and other problems. MCG™ detects and measures myocardial ischemia with unprecedented accuracy in minutes. The MCG™ unit is a light weight, portable, and durable device that uses diagnostic leads to capture resting ECG data at the point of care by trained technical staff. The test is administered non-invasively, without the use of chemicals or radiation and without causing dangerous stress to the patient. With the help of the MCG™, physicians are able to make much more rapid, objective, and accurate diagnoses of heart diseases.”

The Wellness Company offers a Vaccine Injury Consult that includes a virtual visit with a health care specialist who is familiar with COVID “vaccine” injuries and treatments. According to the website, “Your provider will determine the best course of care, which can include lab panels to further diagnose and guide nutraceutical and pharmaceutical treatments. Any lab work is invoiced to customers at our cost. We never profit off of testing to guide treatment.” For more information about The Wellness Company, visit their website.

Health Revival Partners offers virtual medical consultations, lab testing and treatment protocols for anyone who is concerned about exposure to the “spike protein” whether through injection or shedding.  For more information, visit their website.

Life Extension offers the D-Dimer blood test, which “measures the tendency of blood to clot inappropriately.” Blood clotting that leads to stroke is one of the risks of the COVID injections.

Pilot Advocacy

The mission of US Freedom Flyers is “to promote informed consent and defend individual medical freedom through preserving citizen’s rights to work and travel without governmental obstruction.”

The president of US Freedom Flyers, Josh Yoder, is an airline pilot and a good friend of Holladay Aviation. Josh has flown our J-3 Cub with Dana and understands the struggles both of the general aviation pilot and of the commercial airline pilot. His organization has amassed an excellent list of resources for pilots who are concerned about their health and their ability to act as PIC now or in the future. Josh has given numerous interviews on pilot health and advocacy, which you can view on

Holladay Aviation hosted an Aviation Health and Safety Summit on January 9, 2023. The all day conference featured the following industry experts:

  • Josh Yoder, President of US Freedom Flyers
  • Dr. Thomas Levy, Retired Cardiologist
  • Dr. Judy Mikovitz, Microbiologist
  • Kevin Stillwagon, Retired Airline Pilot and Attorney
  • Eule Glenn, President of Heart Care Corp
  • Dr. Bryan Ardis, Retired Chiropractor and COVID-19 Patient Advocate
  • Dr. Ryan Cole, Pathologist

Below: Dr. Thomas Levy, retired cardiologist and a medical adviser to US Freedom Flyers, discusses various treatment options with Dr. Bryan Ardis.

Below: Dr. Thomas Levy speaks to the nature of injuries and possible treatments. (Note: Skip ahead to the 0:44 minute mark. The beginning portion of the interview deals with ongoing legal challenges faced by US Freedom Flyers.)