Program Summary

Getting Started Checklist

  • Contact us to schedule your orientation, which will include a detailed audit of your pilot logbook. All orientations are conducted and billed as regular ground instruction. During the orientation your instructor will:

    • Collect your proof of U.S. Citizenship (see below)
    • Review all Holladay Aviation policies and procedures.
    • Schedule your first lesson.
  • Gather proof of U.S. citizenship: unexpired U.S. Passport, or a U.S. birth certificate. We’ll also need a copy of your driver’s license. We are no longer accepting foreign students.

  • Download the ForeFlight app onto your iPad and iPhone. Click here for guidance on selecting a device. If you use an Andriod smartphone and tablet, you will need to download the Garmin Pilot app.

  • Review the Study Guides section of our Resources page.

  • Begin flight training.