Learning To Safely Fly Ultralights

Breese 2 LSA at Hilliard Airpark

Ultralights are not toys. Even though the FAA doesn’t consider ultralights to be real airplanes, these light aircraft abide by the same rules of physics and aerodynamics as light sport aircraft (E-LSA or S-LSA) and FAA certified aircraft. You can kill yourself in an ultralight if you don’t learn how to fly it properly.

Dana Holladay has been flying ultralights and light sport aircraft for more than 30 years. Contact us to schedule an appointment so he can show you why it’s critical to treat ultralight airplanes with the respect they deserve.

If you’re an aspiring ultralight pilot with zero flight experience, we recommend first scheduling a few flight lessons in our two-seat Cessna 150 or Cessna 152. If you’re a big guy you may need to fly something like a four-seat Cessna 172 for this initial flight training experience. You’ll learn the fundamental principles of flight and key skill sets including:

  • Basic flight maneuvers including takeoff, climbs, descents and turns in both directions
  • Slow flight, stalls and stall recovery
  • The sight picture for a normal approach and landing

Then, transition to our two-seat Breese LSA to get a feel for the unique handling characteristics of an ultralight. Dana offers flight instruction in the Breese at the Hilliard Airpark, a public use grass strip located about 30 miles northwest of our primary training facility at the Craig Airport in Jacksonville.