Dana Holladay
Dana HolladayChief Instructor
Dana Holladay has logged more than 14,000 flight hours, including nearly 12,000 hours of instruction given. He is the primary instructor in the Cub and the Breese LSA, which are based at Hilliard Airpark.
Meredith Holladay
Meredith HolladaySenior Instructor
Meredith Holladay has logged more than 5,700 flight hours, most of which were spent teaching others how to fly. She is an active instructor, enjoys flying the Cub with Dana, and serves as the company office manager.
David Boyer
David BoyerInstructor
David joined the Holladay Aviation team in August 2021. He is qualified to teach private and commercial students. David is a former fitness instructor and construction worker.
Michael Meadows
Michael MeadowsInstructor
Michael joined the Holladay Aviation team in January 2022. Michael earned his private pilot certificate with Holladay Aviation, and is qualified to teach private, instrument and commercial students.
Michael Taft
Michael TaftInstructor
Michael joined the Holladay Aviation team in May 2022. He is a nine year Navy veteran who served for two years as a patrol officer with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. Mike has a real passion for flying and sharing his knowledge and skill with others.
Bret Leake
Bret LeakeInstructor
Bret joined the Holladay Aviation team in August 2022. He earned his flight instructor certificate in October 2020 and has logged several hundred hours of instructing experience. He is married with a young daughter, and previously operated a landscaping company.

All of our maintenance is conducted in-house by Tim Godwin and the team at Eagle Aircraft Maintenance.