If you’re interested in financing your flight training or getting a loan to purchase an airplane, there are several lenders that serve this market. Rates and terms vary based on several factors including the applicant’s credit score and the amount financed. For more information or to apply, contact the lender directly.

Effective June 23, 2023, Holladay Aviation has partnered with Stratus Financial to offer the following flight training loan packages:

Zero to CFII Cessna 172: $66,235.00
Zero to CFII Cessna 152: $55,940.00

Applicants must obtain a FAA Second Class Medical certificate. If a loan is obtained, any unused funds paid by Stratus for the student will be refunded back to Stratus within 30 days of the student providing written notice to Holladay Aviation of their intent to terminate training.

Click here to read their FAQs for Student Borrowers.

Click here to download their Program Overview (PDF).

Click here to apply for a loan. If you have limited credit or low income you may need a Co-Borrower.

Have questions? Need more information? Contact Stratus Financial at (855) 301-3335 or visit their website.

WeFlorida Financial’s Learn to Fly Program Overview:

  • Unsecured loan amount ranges $5,000-$30,000
  • Interest rates are typically around 9.99%-11.99%
  • 72 month term
  • Line of credit loan – only make payments and interest based on the amount you use, not the amount you are approved for
  • Monthly payments start 30 days after first withdrawal. No deferments available. Expect monthly payments to be roughly 2% of amount withdrawn in total
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • Withdrawal period is the first two years
  • Can be used for any flight training and school
  • Borrower pays school directly


  • Applicant and co-signer must be US citizen/Permanent Resident and must meet CU membership eligibility (generally speaking, applicant must be a FL resident to have an account at our CU)
  • Applicants must have over a 640 credit score to be considered
  • Either the applicant or the co-applicant must have at least two years of established credit history
  • Either the applicant or the co-applicant must have employment income
  • Co-applicant must have the same primary address as the applicant

Application Submission: