Instruction (flight or ground) is billed at $75/hour. There is a $10/hour surcharge for flight instruction in your airplane.

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New Exterior Paint – Updated Interiors – Low-time Engines
Garmin IFR Avionics – ADS-B Traffic and Weather

$115/hr wet
VFR only
ADS-B In (ForeFlight Sentry Mini)
ADS-B Out (uAvionix)
Two aircraft available (N3370V and N60265)

$135/hr wet
IFR equipped
ADS-B In and Out
Dual Garmin G5 flight instruments

Two aircraft available:

N152DM (shown) features Garmin GTN650 GPS Nav/Com with LPV capability, ILS, VOR, dual coms

N152SJ (coming March 2021) features Garmin GNC355 GPS/Com

$160/hr wet
IFR Equipped
ADS-B In/Out
Dual Garmin G5 flight instruments

Three aircraft available: N739ZW, N65842 and N99725
N99725 also features the Garmin GFC500 dual axis autopilot

Simulator Training

Our Elite PI-135 Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD) can be used to log up to 10 hours of training toward the instrument rating. Pilots who are already instrument rated may use it solo to maintain instrument currency.

Just $45 per session!

Tailwheel Training

Looking for a fun aviation challenge? Learn to fly a taildragger! Dana Holladay will be your instructor in our beautiful CubCrafters Sport Cub. Flight instruction is $200/hour including aircraft rental; ground instruction is $75/hour. No solo rentals.