All pilots (including Student Pilots) who wish to act as Pilot in Command must hold a valid FAA Medical certificate, or have completed the requirements under the FAA’s Basic Med program. Commercial Pilots must hold at least a Class 2 medical. Student Pilots and Private Pilots must hold at least a Class 3 medical.

Here is as short list of FAA Aviation Medical Examiners (AMEs) in the Jacksonville area who are authorized to issue FAA Medical Certificates. This list is subject to change. To search the FAA’s AME database, click here. Before your appointment you must complete a medical history form on the FAA’s MedXpress website.

Dr. Kevin Holthaus
1361 13th Ave S, Suite 150, Jacksonville FL 32250
(904) 242-7177

Dr. Stratton Sterghos, Jr.
3117 Spring Glen Rd., Suite 408, Jacksonville FL 32207
(904) 858-1009

Dr. John Hackenberg
4131 University Blvd. S #8
Jacksonville, FL 32216
(904) 733-3992