To complete a rental checkout at Holladay Aviation, a pilot must complete a thorough ground and flight review with a staff instructor. This review must include, but is not limited to, the following knowledge and skill areas:

  • How to obtain and interpret a standard weather briefing from FAA Flight Service
  • VFR weather minimums and airspace
  • Aircraft equipment, systems and performance
  • Weight and balance
  • PIC requirements and responsibilities (including medical certification)
  • Personal minimums and aeronautical decision making
  • Normal and crosswind takeoffs and landings
  • Emergency procedures
  • Flight by reference to instruments (all pilots)
  • Instrument approach proficiency (instrument rated pilots)
  • Fueling procedures
  • Office access and security procedures
  • Ramp protocol and safety procedures

The specific content and timeframe for completion of the rental checkout is dependent on the pilot’s total and recent experience and demonstrated proficiency. By request, the rental checkout may also be used to meet the FAA requirements for a flight review and/or instrument proficiency check under FAR Part 61. Discuss this with your instructor before beginning the review.

Once the rental checkout is completed, all renter pilots must fly our aircraft at least once every 90 days and complete an annual proficiency check with an instructor to maintain rental privileges.

We do not authorize one-time or short-term rentals. There are no daily flight minimums for rentals, but overnight and multi-day rentals require management approval. All reservations are subject to modification or cancellation by Holladay Aviation. For more information, please see our Policies page.

All pilots must have a signed Rental Agreement on file with Holladay Aviation.

Here are some resources that may be of use in preparing for a Holladay Aviation rental checkout and/or FAA flight review:

FAA Flight Review Preparation Course (Free on

Sporty’s Flight Review Online Course (Includes videos; $39.99 at

FAA Advisory Circular 61-98D: Currency Requirements and Guidance for the Flight Review and Instrument Proficiency Check